My lovely Code line

                    In university, there are many kinds of relation like friend – friend, teacher – student and senior – junior , moreover in my faculty , we have code line relation. When I passed freshman to sophomore I had to take care of new freshman. And she became my code line her name is Feurng, my lovely code line who has nice characteristics. The one manner that make I love her is she taking care of me. She always asks me about my health, studying, what is the food that I like or where is the favorite place I want to travel and so on. Next feature,  Feurng is the polite girl. She is biddable and neat the character that I want to see  from my code line. I think polite character makes person be loved from peers. And If you are the freshman or the new member of some society this characteristic will help you being happily with the others. And the next lovely character, she is very generous. When she go to travel or go to anywhere, she always giving souvenir to me and code line members. Because of her nice manners like taking care of me , polite character and being the generous girl make I and anyone who know her will love her.


Journal writing #3

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