My Magic Flashlight

Have you ever dreamed to be an inventor who can invent something very special? When I was just a kid, I imagined that I could invent a magic flashlight that could bring many benefits to human beings. Apart from giving light, my magic flashlight was capable of giving warmth, changing the color of things , and changing the size of everything.

Firstly, magic flashlight has a function that could give warmth to whatever it lights through. Its function worked like a heater. The warmth and brightness level can be changed. My invention  was very helpful when the temperature was too low. For example, In the Northern of Thailand, a lot of Northern people suffered from the cold weather but with this flashlight they didn’t have to bear with this kind of weather anymore. They just had to switch on the flashlight and feel the warmth. Secondly, this invention had a color changing program. There were about 100 color shades available in my flashlight that were super useful. For example, with this kind of function I could change the color of my car to be whatever color whenever I wanted so I didn’t have to pay money for the repair shop that would cost me a fortune if I changed my car’s color . This allowed me to catch up the new trend of color that was changed almost every half year . Finally, everything can be resized by this magic flashlight. I created this function especially for parking lot problem. Nowadays there were too many cars driven on the road. One problem that most of the drivers faced was having no place to park the car, but luckily my smart invention could solve this annoying problem. In case that there  was no parking lot available for my beloved car , I could resize my car to a key ring’s size by just shining the flashlight through the car. When the car got smaller as the size of key ring, I could keep it in my pocket so I didn’t have to waste my time finding a place to park my car or be worried about getting a ticket from parking illegally.

Giving warmth, changing color and changing size were wonderful abilities of my imaginary invention that I wished I could make it become real. If I could really invent it, many problems could be solved and our life would be much easier and more comfortable.


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  1. It is such a magic invention that I would like to get too. If you could invent it, don’t forget to give me one lol

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