My Summertime Teaching Job

My Summertime Teaching Job

Last summer, I spent my five free months working as a teaching assistant, which brought me good experience. I worked for the kindergarten school, named QKIDS, which gives high school and college students a chance to learn and practice teaching little kids. There were about ten kids per class. In every class, a teacher had taught and explained to the kids in front of the class before the teacher assistants like me took care of each kid individually. I was responsible for three kids. In case that they didn’t understand the lesson or couldn’t do the worksheet, I would explain to them again until they got it. Working here not only taught me how to teach but also showed me some unexpected situations that I might face when I become a teacher. For example, when I took a little boy to the toilet to poo-poo, he told me he couldn’t clean himself, so I had to teach him to do it. Many times, these kids wet or pooped themselves, and sometimes they threw up. I was the one who had to tidy up all the mess. I had realized that being a teacher required much more patience than I thought. Even though, this was such a tiring summer job, I gained lots of good experience that I will never forget.

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  1. OMG, now I can see that being a kid’s teacher is not very easy.

  2. I remember one of my first teaching jobs was working with Korean kids aged 4-5 years. They were so cute but mischievous. Some would stick their wet fingers in my ears and swing on my necktie like Tarzan in the jungle. It was a love-hate relationship.


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