My unlucky day

My unlucky day

My unlucky day

12th July 2013 was one of the most unlucky day of my life. In the boring afternoon, nothing to do, so I decided to go to my friend’s house. Driving to her home was when the unlucky things happened, I had a car accident. As I drove, I couldn’t see there was a road construction in my lane ahead because of the car in front of me. That car was suddenly turned to the left lane and in that moment, I saw the traffic cone in less than 10 meters. I was not able to change the lane because I did not have a chance, there were too many cars so I severely braked the car. Unfortunately, the car behind me crushed the back of my car. Unlucky of me again, insurer was quite busy so I had to wait for almost half an hour. Standing in the hot sun, I felt like I could melt. Finally, he came and took the pictures of our cars. When everything finished, I told myself it would be better if I go back home, so I did. I came home and had a glass of water, unlucky things happened again. Oh my god, I broke that glass! Things always happen unexpectedly so it is normal to have an unlucky day.

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  1. This is why women should not drive cars! Ok, that was a bad joke. Sorry. I’m always very impressed by people who are brave enough and patient enough to drive in Bangkok. After four years here, I’m still scared by the crazy things I see by people driving on the roads and sidewalks. Forget the ghost stories, that is the real scary story.

    While I’m sorry to hear about your bad day, it was interesting to read your well-told story.


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