My worth field trip in “On Nut community”

My worth field trip in “On Nut community”

The new experiences are coming in our lives all the time. For me the new experiences are challenge and teach me lessons. In this semester, I have my new experience to make a field trip from the Education and Social Sustainable Development course and I had to do many activities that I will never forget.

I had to study about “0 Baht Shop”, the project from Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE). “0 Baht Shop” was created for helping people in On Nut Village, Prawet, Bangkok, to slip out from poorness and have better lives than before. Additionally, “0 Baht Shop” was the shop that people must separate the rubbishes to their right kinds such as plastic bottle, glass bottle, can, and paper to exchange with the products in the shop. Last two weeks, I went to On Nut community with my friends to study how people in the village manage their lives and community in order to sustainable development. When we arrived, the leader of the community, Mr. Peeratorn Seneewong, welcomed us and told us about what is “0 Baht Shop” project and how does it perform. Furthermore, he told that everyone who came to this community must separate the waste that the community’s members prepared into the right types. Then, we all did waste segregation and the members of the community were very kind to help us. After we separated the rubbishes, we weighted them and calculated the price of them to exchange with the goods in the shop.

Not only we separated the garbage in the village but we had to go to the real places to get the garbage by going with “Zaleng” of the community, the people that go to get the rubbishes and bring them for exchanging into the products. This makes us realized that it not easy to be the Zaleng and not easy to get the money from doing the job. Moreover, in this village had Sufficient Economy and environment management model for everyone to study. It is not so big but very interesting that the members of the community can use the separated rubbishes to exchange with the products in this Sufficient Economy area such as vegetables and fish. In addition, this village had the community learning area for everybody to do the activities together such as Water Boxing that the children must use their garbage to be tickets for participate the activity.

All of the activities that I had done and seen in this community with my friends are unforgettable experience. Also, this field trip is very worth that I have learnt how to manage my life to be a good saving environment person and it makes me realized that garbage is worth. Therefore, I will bring the knowledge I got from this experience to use in my present and future daily life.


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