Negative effects of using twitter

Negative effects of using twitter

Twitter is one of the popular social media that become a big part of people’s life. It allows users to send a message with limited characters. This feature makes Twitter different from others social media. Mostly, People use Twitter to update interesting news or connect with their favourite celebrities. There are millions people use this social media to get information or share stories. However, The social media like Twitter can also bring negative effects on its user as well.

The Twitter’s users can text only 140 characters in one message. Therefore, the limited message makes users shorten their text. So they usually use slang or shortened words to complete their message. Some people may be familiar with this kind of writing as they type it many times a day. This familiarity causes more grammatical errors and misspelled words on their formal writing works. Moreover, There is many misinformation on Twitter. News on Twitter spread rapidly but not all are accurate. Twitter has been the important source of breaking-news; however, too much updated news without checking any true information causes people misunderstanding. By spreading rumors around Twitter can misinform millions of people. This may cause confliction, chaos, panic and hatred on the social.

It’s not wrong to use Twitter for getting information or contacting people. But you have to realize that some common things on social network are not appropriate to use in the formal situation. And think carefully before believe or share some news.

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  1. Tew, I enjoyed your journal entry.

    I have found that social media like Facebook and twitter aren’t bad ideas, but their potential is wasted by 99% of the users. I left Facebook after I realized nobody was posting anything worth reading. Rarely did I read anyone’s interesting observations or links to some important news or interesting website that would make me think and grow as a human. Instead, I just saw cat and food pictures, and “look at me having fun in the shopping mall” pictures. It was actually sad to think that people couldn’t value and enjoy their own experiences unless “the world” knew about it.

    Am I too cynical about social media people who use it? Maybe I am. But I’d much rather read these journal entries and see what you are “chewing on” with your brain than what you are chewing on in a restaurant.

    “Man can not live on bread alone!”


    Am I too cynical about social media peop0le who use it? Maybe. But I much rather read these journal entries and see what you are chewing on with your brain, and not what is being chewed on in your mouth.

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