Novel vs. Film

Novel vs. Film

Someone said, “our imagination flies – we are its shadow on the earth”. This quote must be true for many people since today they try to create many things as similar as our imagination. A good example must be movies which provide the audiences with such fascinating computer graphics. Yet someone are not impressed with them as what these people anticipate is far beyond the imagination of the filmmakers; hence, they turn to read novels which give them what movies cannot.

For me, I have had experiences of reading and watching the same story. I can tell that one same story told in different ways differs my feelings. This is because reading a novel is totally different from watching the same story in a film.

There are three aspects to be discuss about reading a novel which are story details, characters, and feelings. In the novel, the story has many details which is perfectly described through the fine language; hence, it makes readers illustrate their imagination and feel like they are participating in the scene. Moreover, reading a novel allows the readers to understand each characters’ feelings, especially the protagonist’s since most of the story is presented through his or her point of view. Therefore, all these compositions affect the feeling of the story.

         On the contrary, watching the same story in a film version differs from reading a novel in terms of story details, characters, and feelings. A film provides a real-life story with sounds, movements, and other components. However, as a time limit, the story in a film is shorter and harder to understand than that in a novel. In term of the characters, each of them are presented to the readers through the acts of actors and actresses, so they may be different from those in the readers’ imagination. Unlike the novel, the readers may not reach the real feelings of the characters although they hear the actors’ voice and see the actresses’ expression. Another different is the feeling. Comparing to the novel, watching the same story in the film gives more vivid and touching feelings, such as exciting, thrilling, and amusing.

It can be concluded that the disparities of reading a novel and watching the same story in a film are about these three aspects – story details, characters, and feelings. There is no answer of the best thing; it is up to the preferences of people. Personally, I prefer reading a novel for the reason that I love to submerge myself in my own imagination.


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