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               Last year I went to London to study English for one month and a half. I learned that going overseas gave me lots of experiences. The first thing that I was obliged to do is speaking to other people. I had to live by myself so I could not avoid communicating English with British people. For example, I had to talk to shop assistants when I need help while buying something. Moreover, socializing with foreign friends can help me improve my speaking as well. Apart from speaking in real life, studying in English institute was also important. I studied from 12.30-18.30 everyday except on weekend. I started studying Pronunciation class at the first period and the General English class afterward. I knew immediately that the style of teaching there is completely different from Thailand. They taught students by finding many activities for students to participate in. After I finished studying, my friend and I planned to travel around the UK. We have been to Roman baths, Cardiff, Liverpool, Manchester, York, Leeds and Edinburgh. This trip was really worth it. Travelling around the UK by backpacking obviously made me learn to become an adult. The more we explore the world, the more unforgettable life experiences we gain.

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  1. What I can say is I’m so jealous of you!! I would love to further my study in England too.

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