One day, I’ll show you

One day, I’ll show you

Every song has an untold story that the composer try to express their feelings and their thought through the lyric. When you are listening song, you will feel like you slip into the other world. This is the magic of songs. Definitely, one of my magical song is “I’ll show you” by Justin Bieber.

“I’ll show you” is the third song from “Purpose” Bieber’s album that is a weighty and introspective electro-R&B jam. The song starts with flat tone and then climb to the peak point slowly. Moreover, to mix with the song intense lyrics, the tones around Bieber’s voice have a rich and deep tones that makes the song seems depressed and dark.


Not only this song shows Bieber’s story but it also reflects a part of my life. When I was studying in a high school, I was the top student of the class who everyone knew that I was good in every subject. But I didn’t like studying, I just could do it. It didn’t mean I like it. I had to keep the score on the top of the class because if my score got low, people would ask me the reason why I got a low score. I knew what I want but I couldn’t choose it. I had been living in others’ expectation, I couldn’t be myself. I had to try so hard for being myself and showed them how good I can be. I was surrounded by people who always expected me to be a swan. So I had been trying so hard. I was tired. I was exhausted. I was disappointed. I didn’t know how to be a swan because I was an ordinary duck who can swim and walk. I cannot fly that made people judged me that I am stupid because I cannot fly. They didn’t know who I am.

Finally, I realized that I have to know who I am, what I want and what I should do without others’ expectations.“This life’s not easy. I’m not made out of steel. Don’t forget that I’m human. Don’t forget that I’m real. You act like you know me, but you never will. But that’s one thing that I know for sure.” So I’ll show you.

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