One Stop Service “Chamchuri9”


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The Chamchuri 9 is a popular gathering place for CU students as its definition as one stop service which provides many kinds of services. Generally, Chamchuri 9 is known as a reading place for students who want to escape from the examination since it has three floors of reading rooms separated into two zones. One is require silence for students who give their 100% of concentration on studying. The others is opposite due to students are able to tutor and discuss. After a long run of studying, Students can grab something to eat from the canteen located on the first floor. Furthermore, Chamchuri 9 also offers a medical service which demands no fee for CU students. There are experience doctors and expert psychologists in health care center who will take good care of students’ both physical and mental health. As I had mentioned, there is no doubt why Chamchuri 9 is a perfect community for CU students since it allocates all conveniences in one building.

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