‘Oscar Award’ Impromptu Show

‘Oscar Award’ Impromptu Show

Here comes the end of the first semester. I have already chosen Effective Speaking as my most thrilling, but enjoyable course. The course is organized by Ajarn Ruedeerath, whom students usually call A. Bim. Every week, she had interesting lessons to teach us. No matter how common or even boring the topic seemed to be, A. Bim made it an exciting and challenging one. I really admire her effort and dedication in preparing the lessons for us.

At the end of last week’s class, A. Bim informed us that we were going to have a sudden speech, or an impromptu, leaving us no time to prepare, and she would mark us right away. I believed she would make us pick up the draw and give a speech about the topic we got. Both excitedly and nervously, we waited for our destined day.

As usual, she surprised us all. What she assigned for our impromptu speech was hosting the Oscar Award show. She made the show schedule for us and also decided the roles she wanted each of us to play. I was put as a co-MC with Kao. Others were actors, actresses, and judges. Some of us got one extra role like a reporter, the former Oscar Award winner, and an advertiser.

“Make sure everyone speaks equally. The show must be ready in 15 minutes. You are allowed to use every existing object in the 3rd building,” she went on giving instructions.

As soon as she finished explaining, a little chaos began. I quickly grouped up with the other MC and the reporter to study the show schedule when the rest of my classmates rushed out of the room making loud noise in the corridor. I had no idea where they all went, but they came back carrying in their arms big sheets of colorful cloth, a few branches of artificial flowers, a farmer’s hat, a big duck doll, a dustpan, a hammer (that’s scary!), and a fire extinguisher. Yes. Fire extinguisher. I was too stunted that I forgot to look at A. Bim’s face. I just wanted to see whether she was as speechless as I was. Up until now, I still could not figure out what the fire extinguisher had to do with our Oscar Show. Anyway, it seemed to be an interesting prop for the nominated actor.

A. Bim addressed to Kao and me that the MC affected the mood and the flow of the show most. Therefore we always needed to be active to cheer our friends up and, at the same time, observe the show carefully in order to be able to solve any immediate problems.

In 15 minutes, we were all set. We started with the two MC welcoming all distinguished guests to the Hall of Fame. (Just in case that you wondered who those guests were, WE were.) Then the show went on as scheduled. Though there were a few dead air and many awkward moments, we managed to get through them and enjoyed every single minute of the performance. I tried my best and I was totally happy with the result. I saw A. Bim beamed and laughed a lot throughout the show. She told us we did very well that she liked it very much.








Effective Speaking is one of the classes that I never want to glance at the clock on the wall and wait for the time it is over.



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  1. I love this idea for a lesson. I will steal it for sure. Great pics!

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