Last week, I heard my friends taking about the some interesting mobile phone application. It’s called Pinterest. At the very first time, I didn’t pay too much attention about it, but, I finally downloaded it from App Store. Then, I found that it is very interesting application like my friends told me.




So you can see that Pinterest not only gives me impressive photos and videos but also gives me such creative ideas and inspiration to create some new work as well. By the way, I have search for some further information about Pinterest. I found that Pinterest is one of the most visited online sites. There is a report that, nowadays, Pinterest were reaching 11 million visitors and ranked as one of the most top-ten interesting sites as well.




If you want to personalize your experience with your photos and videos or want to get some impressive ideas in any field, just click, search, Pin It, and be interested!

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Hi, I'm Ment. I am a third year student studying in the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University. Nice to meet you all.

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