Postcard, the little diary

Postcard, the little diary

          When you hear the word “postcard“, what is the first thing that come into your mind ? For me, as a postcard collector, I think about memories.

It’s sure that when you go travelling somewhere, you might want to keep your beautiful memories and feelings at that time as much as you can. There are a lot of things you can do such as taking photos, writing a diary, or buying a souvenir but one thing that I always like to do when is sending postcards, not just a postcard.

Long time ago, I received a postcard from my friend when she went to the Northern of Thailand. I remember that in the card is the view of the mountain covered with fog all around. It was so wonderful and I feel really glad that my friend was thinking about me. After that, I begin to try some. I sent postcards from anywhere I went to my friends and also myself. To keep the feeling, I wrote what I was thinking about at that time, how did I feel, and what I want to talk to myself in the future. Last time, when I was in Sydney on the last day, I sent a postcard which shows the view of Opera House and Harbor Bridge to myself. Then, after I came back to Thailand, I only have to wait. I was so excited and checked mail box on every single day. Suddenly, when it reached here, I was so happy. Everything on the card can throw me back to the memories when I was there. It was so precious feeling. If you don’t believe me, you have to try it. So, what are you waiting for ? Let’s send a postcard to your beloved person and wait for the day they receive your missing.


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