Have you ever thought about what song suits your life the most? Many songs are written from the real life feelings of the people. Some songs are composed according to the writers’ lives or experiences. However, “Pur-jur” is a song that, even I did not compose it, reflects a part of my life.

The song “pur-jur” composed by Alarm 9 means daydreaming. It is about a man who falls in love with a girl. He always keeps thinking about her and cannot get her out of his mine. He wishes to marry her, hold her hands, watch movies with her, have family with her and get old with her but he was not brave enough to tell her.

When I was a second year student, I fell in love with a girl. She is a sweet and kind-hearted girl who always cheers me up when I feel despairing. I wanted to tell her that I loved her but I was not courageous enough so I could only wish to be with her forever, hold her hands, tell her that I love her and spend time with her.

During that time, I was keeping listening to the song repeatedly because it reflected the feeling I had with her. Nowadays, we are not seeing each other anymore but every time I listen to the song, I think of her.  I think that if I had just one more chance, I would tell her what she means to me. That is why “pur-jur” displays a part my life.

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