The Real Life D.U.F.F.

The Real Life D.U.F.F.

Everyone must have his or her label when they were in high school. There were works, nerds, weirdos, outsiders, princesses, queens, etc. What was yours? My label was the D.U.F.F., which stands for the designated ugly fat friend.


More than just a label, D.U.F.F. was also a movie title. It was about a group of three friends. The first girl is Jess, she is the kind and pretty one. Next girl is Casey, she is the tough and hot one. The last girl is Bianca, the other one. To be more specific, she is the flaw of the group, the D.U.F.F. Nevertheless, boys always talk to her in order to get to her two best friends. When I first saw this movie, I saw myself in Bianca.




When I was in high school, I was like Bianca. I was a real life D.U.F.F. to my three other friends which I can say they were like Jess and Casey in the film. Everyone knew I was a D.U.F.F. except me, until one circumstance happened. There was one time, a boy approached me and asked for my phone number. That very night, we talk for hours. Then after we hung up, I realized that he mostly asked about one of my best friends. That thought struck me hard like someone threw a rock right at my brain. He just used me to get information about my best friend by asking me what best friend likes. Later, he unsurprisingly used those information to impress my best friend. At that time, I was extremely upset. That situation was similar to what Bianca experienced in the movie.


In the end, I’m no longer a D.U.F.F. In fact, none of my best friends labelled me as a D.U.F.F. They did not care how people thought of me like that. They love me for who I am and I love them. We’re still best friends. Being a D.U.F.F. wasn’t what I wanted to be. It was a part of my life which cannot be erased but surprisingly, I do not regret being a D.U.F.F. a bit because it taught me more about life.

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