Review: 3 Recommended Free Apps for a Language Learner

Review: 3 Recommended Free Apps for a Language Learner

Learning a new language can be done by just a fingertip. All you need is just a smartphone with internet and then you are ready to go. Here are 3 recommended free app for a language learner that will help you learn language effectively.



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This app is perfect for learners who want to practice listening and speaking skills in English. SpeakingPal provide varieties of conversational short videos of common situation such as traveling, working. After listening to dialogue, learners are required to speak with visual character by recording their own voices. Good things about SpeakingPal are it gives learners feedback of what they said and can listen to their voice and compare it to the native speaker’s. After practicing for a while, this app will definitely help learners with  pronunciation by listening and imitating the native speakers.


Duolingo aplicatie-duolingoDuolingo

If you want to learn a new language from scratch, Duolingo is definitely a good one. More than 10 languages lessens are provided such as Spanish, French and German. Learners will learn as they are doing challenging exercises. In the exercise, learners will build up vocabulary along with seeing illustration and listen to how the words sound. Also, learners will learn how to create simple sentences using the vocabulary they have learned.


If you like playing game, you will absolutely love this app. Learners will learn languages by using game as a motMindSnacks-thumbnailivator. They have to collect XP (experience) and getting a certain score to complete mission. To do well on the game, learners will have to study vocabulary from review session. Learners will learn the meaning, pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms of a word.   There are 9 games that will test the different skills in image recognition, spelling and rapid recall. Mindsnacks provide lessen of Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and SAT vocab.

From now on, learning a language is not something that is far away anymore. Try these 3 amazing apps on your phone. Practice it constantly and you might be surprised with the result!

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  1. It’s always nice to know that we have something this good in our pocket. Now, all we need is motivation to follow it through.

  2. These apps look great. Where is the Thai app? 🙂

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