SCP Foundation

SCP Foundation

From the time unknown, we, mankind, dwell in the light, live on the little island of ignorance in the middle of the vast ocean of the unknown. The darkness beyond the horizon is populated by the horror far beyond the comprehension of men and some of them, slowly but surely, creep upon the fragile beach of our sanity. Luckily, there are those who are willing to remain in the darkness, to combat the eldritch, to secure, to contain, to protect. They are SCP Foundation.


SCP Foundation is a secret organization established to contain and study anomalous objects, phenomenon, and entities wherever and whenever they appear. Trusted by almost every government in the world, they have almost limitless supply and financial support, can operate world-wide and free from any jurisdiction. Their missions are to Secure the anomalies, Contain it away from the public, and Protect humanity from the effect of said anomaly. They are the reason we can wake up in the morning in our bed. They are the reason we do not quake in fear in the night or run away from the darkness. They are the reason why we are still here.

In reality though, SCP Foundation is a collaborative website of writers. It contains thousands of SCP articles and Tales and is free to read. It has a very strict quality control and an extremely high standard. The articles and tales present in this site follows a strict Sci-fi horror style similar to Lovecraftian horror novel, invoking the feeling of something we cannot win or understand and can only contain and shield it from the larger population. The writing tone is scientific, professional, and precise, sometimes to the point of being cold and emotionless. This, however, is one of the strongest and most notable traits of SCP Foundation.


SCP – 173 The first SCP written

SCP Foundation started from a random post on an imageboard “4chan”. The post got repost numerous times and the community slowly grew. They soon move to a new website of their own where it was attacked by hacker and littered by its own member. They did not give up and started employing a greater security measure and staff team. They succeeded, and SCP Foundation lives on.

images               monster8editub9

              SCP – 106 Flesh-melting old man                               SCP – 682 The indestructible reptile

SCP Foundation is a collaborative website of creative writing, written in precise, scientific tone. It is great for those who wish to learn how to write and organize their thought thanks to its detailed descriptive and narrative nature. For those who has no such desire though, this site is still a great place as you can enjoy the imagination of hundreds of people and, who knows, maybe you may want to write an SCP of your own.

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