Selfish People

Selfish People

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of people annoy you the most? I must say, for this question, the answer may be up to individual opinion. But what if I ask, “What kind of people harden other people’s life.” Now, you have to take time finding your answer, but for me, I have got my answer. I think people who harden other people’ life are those who are selfish and greedy.

People who are selfish and greedy treat others unfairly and do not care whether their acts are right or not. That is because they merely care about gaining and forget all about sharing. They tend to do anything so as to provide them an advantage although it is such an unfair conduct. The word “injustice” for this kind of people seems to be a way to gain their wealth, power, and fame. Never do they notice that while their properties is increasing by taking an advantage of others whose opportunities have lessened gradually, there appears to be a gap between people in society.

Step closer to our life, we cannot deny that many people neglect their responsibility and leave it to be a heavy burden for others. That injustice happens when a person who carries those burden have to work harder, alone, but they receive very few benefits of what they do. Unfortunately for someone who do not have voices, they cannot speak anything, and finally becomes a ladder for other people to climb on.

Living in the world of variety forces us to face many people – both good and bad. Sometimes we may be exploited by people who are selfish, waiting to steal any advantage from us, but we have to find the way to live our life.


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