Should a University Student’s Uniform Be Abolished?

Should a University Student’s Uniform Be Abolished?

In my point of view, there are some reasons that a university student’s uniform shouldn’t be abolished.

First, a university student’s uniform reminds students that they’re here to study. We can see that students usually change their clothes before going to hang out with friends at night. This is because clothes sometimes influence people about their duty. Having a uniform could be one way to remind students that they have to study rather than playing with other things.

Second, the uniform can help about the budget problem. Imagine if we don’t have a uniform, each students will wear different kinds of clothes. Some students might start to buy some new fashion outfits every week. Uniform can be worn for a long time, so they don’t have to think of buying new clothes that often.

Lastly, a uniform can also build up a good relation among students. Students may feel safe to be in the place that everyone wearing same kind of clothes. Sometimes it’s easier for students with the same uniform to know each other. They might feel that they have their own team or organization.

All in all, 3 reasons above make me believe that the university student’s uniform should still be used for students in university.

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  1. If i use your logic, then I guess you also believe workers should all wear uniforms? It will save money, make them get along better with coworkers, and also remind them that they are there to work.

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