Should Thailand use English as official language?

Should Thailand use English as official language?

Many countries in this world use English as their official language. Majorities are in North America, Europe and New Zealand. In my opinion, Thailand should be one of those countries. Using English as official language will lead to benefit in economic, education and approaching to information and communication.

To use English as official language is an appropriate preparation for commerce, since in 2015, Thailand will become a part of AEC or ASEAN Economic Community. We should learn how to run our own business in English before that time. After that, we will expand trade area from ASEAN to world wild trade and will gain profit easier if we have good English background knowledge.

If we use English as official language, it is suitable for both schools and students in educational system. We have to admit that most effective curriculum and textbook are written in English. For schools which run all program by using English course and textbook will gain more efficiency. Moreover, they are no need to pay for translation from English to native language. For students, their English skills will be improved a lot, because everything in their life is only in English. When they have a chance to study aboard, they will not struggle about language learning when compare to students who come from the country using only their native language.

Using English to communicate with governor and other people can give us a chance to access real and more information by ourselves and can make us be a reliable communicator sometimes. When we use English to contact government organization, it means that we approach government documentaries directly which some kind of it is in English. Another example is when foreign tourists want some help like asking for the direction, we can help them without hesitate, since we speak English in our daily life.

In my point of view, we should use English as official language; as a result, it gives pros in finance, education and accessing to data and being dependable communicator. Trade will be prosperous. Curriculum will be practical and budget in book translation will be saved. In addition, we can directly contact government information and help foreigner in our country.

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