Siberian husky café

Siberian husky café

I’m a pet lover. I love every kind of lovely and fluffy pet, especially a huge dog like Siberian Husky and Alasken Mullamute. However, I don’t have a chance to bring it up for several reason, so I usually go to Siberian Husky café till the owner and me become a good friend. The owner tell me the main two reasons why people come to her café and I think I couldn’t agree more.

First group of the customers is people who love dogs, but they are unable to bring it up by themselves. Some says taking care of dogs is just like having a baby. It’s a enormous responsibility. The dogs’ owner have to spend their time, love, and money on them. They should have time to play and wash their dogs. They have to buy dogs a proper and good nutrient food. Moreover, feeding huge dogs require a big space for its healthy lifestyle, because most kind of huge dogs need to run and do some excerise. According to these reasons, people who love dogs go to this café instead of bring it up by themselves.

Another reason why people go to dog café is about their health problem. They do love dogs, but they can’t take care of it because of their allergy. Some people have a serious allergy of dog’s hair. They sneeze like crazy almost every time they tough or play with dogs. If the belief in the story that when people sneeze, their soul separates from their bodies is true, some of them might walk in heaven with god. As a result, dog lovers go to dogs café to have late lunch in their lazy Saturday and watch lovely dogs playing with their group.

I understand all of these reasons and I do accept it. Personally, I think this kind of  is suit to urban lifestyle. I love big sogs, but I can’t take care of it in my tiny space condo. That’s why I go to Siberian Husky café every couple months for having a chance to play with adorable and fluffy pet.


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