Social networking and the lack of real communication.



widespread social networking plays an important role to people around the world. Its main purpose is to promote communication.We see that everything around us involves with social network,but, Nowadays,It seems like people are too much influenced by their social networks .They pay much attention to cellphone,busy checking new feeds on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram without noticing that their parents feel like they are being left.It’s obviously show how it takes away the value of true communication with one another .These are some important effects that can happen if people are still not concerned about it.


First,It can lead to unfamiliar relationship because it kept people away from interacting face to face.Real relationships gradually decreased as it is replaced with online ones.People talk less and type more. They don’t interact with people around,and it’s worse when they don’t pay attention to their family.they have scarce conversation and greeting it can also destroy social skills in person.


Another effect is that it completely changed habits of people.Text message became shorter and more ambiguous.Sometimes they put abbreviation to save their time to type.Some people interpret text on their on way ,and it can lead to misunderstanding between person .Moreover,people tend to want to show others that they are having fun by updating pictures on facebook than actually having fun themselves,


I believe that social media is a great way for people to communicate with friends and family who live far away, but it is also important to be able to see the negative impacts it can have on our communication skills. Social networkin long-term effects, particularly for the younger generation.

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