Some more s’mores?

Some more s’mores?

One of my favorite desserts is s’more. S’more is the best American dessert I have tried. Perhaps, I am the one who likes to eat chocolate. Also, this one is a new recipe of chocolate. It is such a creative recipe.

S’more is like a sandwich with a toasted marshmallow and a mini chocolate bar in the middle layer between two graham crackers in the outer layers. The taste is very amazing. Once I tried it, I definitely love it even though it is very sweet. I still remembered my first bite. It is crunchy because of the graham crackers. Inside, it is a warm, sweet roasted marshmallow along with chocolate.

Moreover, what is more special about s’more is that it is a campfire treat for American people. The first time I tried s’more was when I was in America last summer. At that time, my host family held a mini farewell party for all J1 students at the beach. I really like how it is made because I had to hold the marshmallow with a stick and toast it slowly above the fire until the color was a bit brown. It required concentration and attention so that it would not get burned. Everyone enjoyed toasting it. Making s’mores is always a fun activity.

smoresbeach party


To sum up, I can say that s’more is my favorite dessert of all time because it reminds me of a warm and funny moment at the campfire. It was such a happy memory. It is a classic type of American food that creates a loving and relaxing atmosphere for all.


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