“SOTUS” Discipline, Adaptation, or Violation of Human Rights?

“SOTUS” Discipline, Adaptation, or Violation of Human Rights?

When you want to do something, raise your right hand, the upper arm sticks to your right ear, and ask for permission.
Who asks you to face ME?


Get your eyes and head down!


“SOTUS”, an acronym standing for Seniority, Order, Tradition, Unity, Spirit, is a system that is used to train newcomers in a university, or even in a high school, in order to make them be able to live in their university happily and peacefully. Though the system varies in processes in different universities, there are few aspects that are in common.

The higher year students get more authority. In practice,it is very common that the second years (sophomores) or higher years are able to order freshmen to do anything. They usually claim doing so, following commands, will help those freshmen live and do their jobs easier in their after-university life. But there is something more to concern.

SOTUS, most of the time involves harassment, both verbal and nonverbal. There is an action performed by a group of seniors called “wark,” which means “to scare or intimidate with a loud voice.” The objective of “warking” is to make those freshmen be in discipline, like soldiers do in their military training.

Currently, SOTUS is a controversial topic among students in universities in Thailand that are using it. Some students say it is a great system and should not be terminated despite its violation of human rights. The other group says it should be abolished no matter what.

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left: Prachum Cheer (lit. cheer-meeting) activity from the Faculty of Education, CU in 2014, right: a notorious news originated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts’s Prachum Cheer activity 

That is to say, the system itself are destroying the unity and strong bonds among students, which go against its goal. So you can see SOTUS focuses on the year of studying of individuals in the institute. It is also concerned with humiliation, so the outcomes contradict with its goals.

As a little point of Chula, what you think and what you will decide to do depend on you. The future of this place is in your hand.


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featured: http://thaimisc.pukpik.com/freewebboard/php/vreply.php?user=sanguanmaejo25&topic=686&page=646  a not-so-friendly activity from Maejo University in the past

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