Starbucks VS Tom n Toms

Starbucks VS Tom n Toms

Coffee shop is a paradise on earth for many people and of course, for me too. It is a nice place for chilling out and having a favorite cup of coffee after school or on weekend.
My favorite coffee shops are Starbuck and Tom n Toms which both have tasty beverage and delicious food.

Starbuck and Tom n Toms have same drinks menu but use different names and have alternatives for your favorite taste. For example, a cup of hot chocolate at Starbuck is called Signature Hot Chocolate while Tom n Toms call only Hot Chocolate. Another menu is
green tea beverage. It is called Green Tea Latte at Starbuck; on the other hand, it is called Green Latte at the second coffee shop. In addition, in both shops, you can choose a taste of your drinks such as no syrup or use soy milk instead of full-fat milk.

Coffee shop is not only a good place for having a cup of drink, but it also a pleasant place for having a brunch. These two shops have similar famous sandwich menu. The most popular brunch menu at Starbuck is Classic Tuna, whole wheat bread with tuna, lettuce and tomato. Whereas, at Tom n Toms, Club Sandwich is a recommended menu, whole wheat bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, bacon, fried egg and sliced ham. Although they have same well-known food, Tom n Toms’ Club Sandwich is saltier than Starbuck’s Classic Tuna.

Frankly, it is so difficult to choose only one place as a recommended coffee shop, but I prefer Starbuck to Tom n Toms since a rich taste of hot chocolate I usually have when I work outside for finding some work inspiration. Moreover, Starbuck’s hot chocolate’s smell is really nice. Every sipping I can feel the taste of high quality cocoa powder.

Both Starbuck and Tom n Toms are considered as my favorite coffee shop with great drinks and yummy meal. For me, Starbuck is the best because of its rich hot chocolate. Even if the names of beverage menu are different, but actually that are the same things. Furthermore, they have same popular food; however, Starbuck’s sandwich is not as salty as Tom n Toms’. How about you? What is your favorite coffee shop?



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  1. I prefer Starbugs because it is usually has better air conditioning. However, its food is junk!

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