Started from the bottom

Started from the bottom

Whenever you listen to the music, do you even think that the song matches your life? I never know that the song that I listen to often could match my life. I like to listen to rap music and they only rap about drugs, girls, and their gangs. Moreover, I never think that this type of music will match my life. Then, I found one that reflects my life a lot at the time. The song is started from the bottom sung by Drake.

Before talking about it, I want to tell you about my life first. I was in grade 12 at that time and just a lazy student in school. Teachers always asked me which faculty and university that I want to admit to and I told them that I want to study in faculty of education Chulalongkorn University. Then, they laughed at me and told me that I was not going to make it. Furthermore, some of my friends also told me the same as a teacher. I felt sad about it for a couple of time. Then, I stopped listening to them and following my goal. I began to study and read the books a lot. I studied and read the book almost every day. This made me become smarter and could admit to the university that I wanted.

This song, Started from the bottom, reflex my life at that time so much. This song is about the rapper who works hard and becomes famous. Similarly, my life is alike. I studied hard and followed my dream. Plus, I spent a lot of my time reading the books. Now, teacher and some of my friends could not look down on me anymore. They admire me as a cleaver person because can study in Chulalongkorn University now.

Overall, I’m quite happy about my life now and I have changed a lot. I really started from bottom and I’m here now in the faculty and university that I dream about. For this reason, don’t give up and let go on your dream. Just try hard and you can be at the top!

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