Stinky Story

Stinky Story

          Every time you go to toilet and do your business, you try your best not to look at your waste          and surely some of you may take a glimpse at it while you’re flushing. This is because of its smell and disgusting look make you feel uneasy to look at. What you may not know is that your excrement               can tell how well is your health.

          For example, if your poopoo is hard, in pieces, and you have difficulty to pass it,  it means you may be constipated. Again, if your poop is in dark color, smelly and sinks in the potty, it can infer that you’ve been eating too much meat. Thus, the color, smell and texture can indicate whether you should stop          what you’re doing or not. By the next time you releasing yourself, try to get a sight of it.

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