Sugar, the White Evil

Sugar, the White Evil

Last Wednesday, I had a presentation about the over  consumption of sugar in my speaking class. It’s a huge problem in modern society (see all the packaged food), and some of people consider it as a serious health problem. For the presentation, I read lots of information describing  the disadvantages of sugar over consumption, and I think it was really interesting and useful.

The first disadvantage of sugar over consumption is getting fat or obease. Sugar contains a lot of calories, and it does not give essential nutrient for the human body. If you have a big size  soft drink or a large ice cream cone, it means that you just intake a lump of sugar. Moreover, sugar doesn’t give a feeling that you have enough; it doesn satiate you.  You can have a whole bucket of caramel popcorn or and entire pack of butter fingers without feeling full.

Also, some say, sugar makes you look older and decreases brain power. An over intake of sugar has an effect on aging cell. It causes wrinkles and destroys brain cells. Of course, it does affect you memory in both the long and short term.

Another important negative effect is that sugar is a carsinogen; it causes cancer. This is because sugar is a nutrient source for cancer cells, so the more you consume, the higher the risk you have of getting a cancer.

After knowing the bad effects of sugar over consumption, I think I will take it serious and try to be a smart sugar consumer for my healthy life.


For more on sugar as a possible carsinogen, check out:

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  1. I’m not sure if all of your specific medical claims about sugar are based in science, but there is no doubt that sugar can cause some serious problems for the human body. A good basic rule is to avoid drinking sugar. It’s easy enough to do, and soft drinks, as you metnined, offer no nutritional value, unlike other foods which may.

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