Summer in USA.

Summer in USA.

Summer time!! Last year I was so excited with long holidays. We got 6 months holiday!! Before summer, I thought about some interesting things to do on long vacation. I dreamed that I would have time to learn dancing, cooking, playing musical instruments, and also travelling with my beloved friends. But everything that I dreamed was just a dream after my mom told me that she would send me to the states in this long vacation! To be honest, I was sad to go to the states because I had lots of plans in my head and I wanted to finish them. Anyways, I went to the states as my mom wanted me to. This second time in USA was not the same as my first time. This time I’ve experienced two new things that I hadn’t experienced in my first time in the states.

Freezing weather! Last summer I went to Minnesota which located in the north of America. When I first landing at Minnesota, I was a little bit cold. It was because I was in the airport lol. But when I walked out of the airport I was freezing. It was too cold for me. I ran into the car quickly and told my friend’s cousin to turn the heater on. It was nearly freezing point! I’ve never been in this kind of weather before. My first time in the states, I was in Arkansas which nice and warm there. When I arrived home in Minnesota, my host family told me that the weather should get better in about a month. After a month passed, everything was the same, white and cold and snow all day. I realized when I heard the news said that Minnesota had experienced a long winter again. I remembered I only had spring about a week or two before I came back to Thailand. My host family felt sorry for me. However, it was my dream when I was young that I wanted to lay down on the snow and yes I did it. But the thing that I never knew was that it was too cold for me to lay down and it was also wet. This snow experience was kinda ruin my snow dream. haha

Working experience. My first time in the states I was a student in high school. This time I was not a student but I was a worker. My host family had a donut shop in Minnesota. What I need to do everyday was waking up early in the morning and helped them selling donuts. It was fun for me since I needed to learn how to make donuts, dress them, and also sell them. Dressing donuts was my favorite part. I enjoyed working in the kitchen more than working as a cashier. Sometimes I made different colors donuts like blue or pink just for fun but sometimes some customers bought them back home too. It had lots of fun working in the donut shop. I made new friends and also learned something new.

My summer in the states provided me experiences that I’ve never done before. Both the weather and working experience are new for me. Even though I missed my friends a lot , I wouldn’t regret that I decided to go to the states. Now I know that sometimes it is better to start walking and learn something new and we will see the world wider than we used to.


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