Super Woman

Super Woman

If I think about a person who is the strongest, kindest and bravest, the only one that appears in my mind is my mother. She’s a strong woman and she never gave up anything easily. She is single mom who is trying to treat me and my older sister as best as one person can do.

My mother runs her own business. She owns dressmaking institute named “Prinya” near Rama VIII Bridge. It’s almost 30 years now from the opening. There are more than 300 students graduated dressmaking from here. Before those things happen, my mom was only one country-side girl. My mom has 9 siblings living in Nakorn Prathom. She always dream about being a designer so she decided to move to Bangkok to study about dressmaking and her age was only 15 years old. Although she had faced many hard time but she never gave up and tried her best. My mom had got a high ambition so she got chance to go to study dressmaking in Paris, France. She got a certificate Paris American academy Paris and International Fine Arts College Miamy Florida USA.

My mom is such a very patient and strong one. The economy during 1999 was extremely bad, many businesses was effected by this included her dressmaking institute. It was a very hard time for a single mom with 2 daughters in her charge but she didn’t give up. She wouldn’t never let her business down, she needed to protect it for 2 daughters’ futures. She even tried to make her institute better without knowing it exhausted her so much. Finally, her willing is archived. Her owns business is still remaining until today. After those barriers, my mom held an event for monks at Hub Ruk temple, the temple in her hometown, with students graduated from her institute. It shows that she is not only strong but also kind heart.

I always think about my future. When I’m a mother, will I be able to do what my mom does? Will I be able to take care of my children well and see them success in their lives? All hard times I’ve faced are not even half of what my mom did. I wonder how my mom went through it alone. I’m proud of being her daughter. Mom, I’ll be your nice girl. I’ll make you proud of me. I’ll be as strong as you are… my super woman 🙂

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