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Stinky Story


          Every time you go to toilet and do your business, you try your best not to look at your waste          and surely some of you may take a glimpse at it while you’re flushing. This is because of its smell and disgusting look make you feel uneasy to look at. What you may not know is that your excrement               can ... Read More »

The Japanese food trend in Thailand – Are there any concerns for the consumers?

sushi - japanese food

It is hard to deny that the popularity of Japanese food business is increasing rapidly in Thailand nowadays. As you see, there are various Japanese food restaurants in a mass of well-known department stores throughout the country. Each brand tries to improve their marketing strategies to provide interesting promotions for their customers. However, we should remember that the prior target ... Read More »

Sugar, the White Evil


Last Wednesday, I had a presentation about the over  consumption of sugar in my speaking class. It’s a huge problem in modern society (see all the packaged food), and some of people consider it as a serious health problem. For the presentation, I read lots of information describing  the disadvantages of sugar over consumption, and I think it was really ... Read More »

My Yoga Experience


In the first semester of the second year in Chulalongkorn University, I took a course that was very interesting. It was the yoga course. At first, I used to think that yoga is a kind of sport but my yoga teacher told that it is not. Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practice. Also, it is the methods of ... Read More »