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Findind Happiness

  It is not just a part of my life, but I always have a question for myself ‘What is happiness?’. At the time when every unpleasant things bursted into me, one movie has come and saved my life. As well as mine, whenever you have a hard time, I do hope that ‘Hector and the Search for Happiness’ could ... Read More »

Live a life you will remember


  We all know that the songs or the movies we have seen are simply based on our real life. So it is not strange if you watch some movies or listen to some songs and happen to think that this is “your song”. It happened to me as well. One day in the last two years, my friend showed ... Read More »

Fix You


I believe that all of us have our own favorite songs which we never get bored of even though we have listened to it a hundred times. Those songs do not have to be popular to many people or one of top 100 songs in Billboard Hot Chart. Our favorite songs may just remind us of something, someone or some ... Read More »

Living in Dormitory is Like Diving in A Deep Ocean


Thinking of the warmest place for living, I believe the word appearing in everyone’s mind is “home”. However, what if you have to live in the place where there is no your family members but yourself and many strangers? How do you feel if you must follow numerous rules, and need to adjust yourself to the new environment? Alright, I’m ... Read More »