Amazing Thai Bus

Amazing Thai Bus

Travelling by bus in Thailand especially in Bangkok, the capital city, usually drives many foreigners crazy. By reason of the poor bus management, many foreigners have to encounter with the difficulty. I once was asked by a group of European girls who came to Bangkok for the first time. They were so surprised with Thai bus management. They asked me how Thai people know when the bus was come because there is no bus time schedule book or bus route book. I think the only thing we can do is to keep clam and wait. They absolutely had no idea how to travel by Thai bus hence I told them to follow my three steps.   To begin with the first step, the necessary one, is studying a bus route. You have to know which bus number runs pass your destination by buying a bus map at book stores or 7-11s. After knowing a bus number, you should figure out where the bus stops you should wait for. Another thing that you should know is most buses begin operation around 5 am until 11 pm, but some buses run 24 hours. Secondly, choosing air-conditioned bus provide you more comfortable. Besides looking at the bus number, you should look at the bus’ colors too.  Air-conditioned buses are blue with a white stripe or white and articulate or orange. When seeing the bus coming, you should give a sign to the bus driver by holding out your arm and wave it up and down. On this step, before you get on the bus, make sure that this bus is going to pass your destination by asking a bus conductor. Finally, after you get on the bus and find a seat, the bus conductor will come to you. You just only tell your destination and pay bus fares then you will receive the bus ticket. Normally the clients should remember which the bus stop they are getting off, and press a red button in the ceiling for signaling the bus driver that you want to get off. But if you do not know where to get off, you can ask the bus conductor to tell you when to get off.  I think these three steps may help the foreigners easily travel around the capital of Thailand by public bus.

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