The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

The Art of Procrastination

Procrastination is famous for its bad reputation in wasting time. We have been told since we were little that it is a bad thing to do and leads to low quality work. However, we have to admit that a lot of us, college students, procrastinate most of the time. Though, I am also one of the last-minute people, I do get things done. Actually, I am finishing this writing the day before it is due. As many times of doing so, I somehow find that procrastination is not all terrible. In fact, the accused culprit surprisingly has some advantages that some people will probably have never thought of before.

Don’t get me wrong, procrastinating is not the smartest way of working, but it isn’t the worst either. I do procrastinate a lot, but I always get work done on time. So, come on! Let’s give it a chance. If in the worst person still have 1% goodness, last-minute performance might not all be so bad.

One of the commonly known positive side of procrastination is that you will have a plenty of free time to do somethings else, productive or not is up to you, but for sure, you are going to have time to relax the brain and relieve some stress which can contribute to your creative thinking for the upcoming assignment. For example, you will have more time to think critically and plan things out for the awaiting project and might be able to come up with the best idea ever. While, others may force themselves trying to get work done early when their brains are already about to explode resulting in mediocre output.

Another huge benefit of procrastination is that you will improve some specific skills. One is in performing under a very limited time. By waiting until the last possible moment to complete tasks, it is almost impossible for you to waste a time on it. So, you have more chances than others to train on spending your time working more effectively. Furthermore, last-minute performance will enhance your handling to stress. Due to the extreme time constrain, you are more likely to be familiar with working under a lot of pressure.

While there are limitations to procrastination, there are also some good side of it. To all my fellow procrastinators, if all aforementioned benefits are not convincing enough for you to believe in or feel better about doing something last-minute. Just remember that Mozart wrote the overture to Don Giovanni the morning it premiered, so ,trust me, you can always pull off a great work on the day before its dead line.

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