The definitions of love

The definitions of love

I believe that everyone used to love and want to be loved, because love is one of the humans’ important needs. Love is not only from boyfriend or girlfriend, but it can come from parents, brothers or sisters, and friends. There are many definitions of love.

Love is happiness. It could warm you up and make you smile with no reason. When you look forward to seeing someone whom you have not seen for a long time, and you meet him or her only a few minutes; however, it would make you be very happy for all day long.

Love is will. You can do and give anything no matter what it is without hesitating to whom you love.  For example, parents’ love is obvious.
They take well care and give you everything that you never need to ask for, and do not want anything from you more than love them back.

Love is a wonderful feeling. You would feel like butterflies are in your stomach, once falling in love. Your heart would also beat very fast. Moreover, love could blind us from any mistakes. Actually, every person is different, so you should be patient with problems you would face from the difference between each other. I am surely that your love would be stronger after you pass them.

Be reminded that “love is knowing that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but you still work for it because it is worth”.

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