The different kind of love

The different kind of love

Real love does not depend upon how much money you have, how beautiful you are, or even what sex you are. Love is like the good feeling that only two people give to each other wholeheartedly. At the present, love can be found anywhere or anytime with anyone no matter who you are. This way, like the traditional idea of love, the gay’s love is likely to be more common in the open society nowadays. However, the love between straights and gays are fairly different for two reasons: social acceptance and people’s judgment.

Social acceptance, which comes from a society’s values, is compared as the important norm that obviously specifies the role of women and men. Society gives a traditional role that only straights can be together. For instance, a marriage of straights is formally accepted while gay’s marriage is not widely accepted and may be completely restricted in some societies. Furthermore, social value mostly emphasizes on the importance of straights rather than gays. Hence, the role of gays is almost confined and overlooked. According to the former tradition in most of societies, it exhibits that the homosexuals barely have an apparent standing point in the society from the beginning. This may be the reason why they have to hide themselves and dare not to show who they truly are inside to the public.

Social acceptance clearly affect’s the judgement of people, especially concerning love. Currently, people judge the relationship of gays as still being quite inappropriate and wrong. Misconceptions about gays is still easily found in society. Gays are still considered as weird or disgusting sexual freaks for some people in some societies. Thus, as usual, the love of gays seems to get “rougher” than the love of straights. Furthermore, a number of people get too attached to tradition and too narrow-minded. Due to the undeniably traditional fact that men and women were actually born to be together, some people’s attitudes express that the love between two boys may be too improper to accept.

Last, but not least, although the love of straights and the love of gays may be different in aspects of social acceptance or social value and some people’s judgment, personally, I still believe that the word called “LOVE ” is still unconditionally blissful no matter who you are. What actually matters is the true heart that two people give to each other. Most significantly, everyone deserves to love and to be loved also.


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  1. Nicely written! More importantly, it is bravely said. Speaking the truth against power is never easy, but it is necessary if any group is to evolve to a higher level.

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