The Drama Work Experience

The Drama Work Experience

Recently, I have enjoyed an experience that I’ve never had before. You all know how special that is, right? I had a chance to participate in a drama project called “Three Short Absurd Plays”. After finishing class  every evening, I had to go to the Thonglor Art Space, one of the newest modern theatres in Bangkok, to do my work. I had been ordered to find belongings and clothes to make the show perfect. To buy the cheapest one, I decided to go to the dark market, a place that contains a lot of things that you want at low cost but good quality.

After my purchases, I’d return and watch the most impressive time during rehearsal, which was when the actors are performed their roles. On some ocassions, the director blamed the actors  for some mistakes, but they didn’t express any anger. Instead, they continued doing their craft better and tried to solve the barriers to success.  It was these times that made me feel that I won’t give up in anything, but rather, I will work hard to do my best.

When the first day of the play started, there were many people including famous actors, film critics, artists, students and so on, who came to see the show. Even though I had already finished my work, I still went there to help them as much as I could. The results were gratifiying, and I did have a great time to work with them, and I won’t forget these priceless experiences, surely.

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  1. It sounds like a great experience. I know people in the stage and film industry are often very open minded and forward thinking; an excellent atmosphere to be a part of. They, as you report, are also perfectionists; they want their art to be perfect.

  2. If you can edit your blog to also list the contact information for the drama club (for any readers who might want to join), then I’d be happy to have you also post this entry in the Arts & Entertainment News section. Cheers.

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