The Enchantment of Aroma

The Enchantment of Aroma

In nature is full of fascination. To perceive it, we, humans, use our five natural powers – sight, hearing, taste, feeling, and smell. Normally, when talking about what fascinates us, we firstly think of spectacular sceneries sighted by eyes rather than beautiful voices heard by ears. Also, we mostly imagine delicious dishes tasted by tongue rather than satisfying textures felt by skin. However, we often forget to realize the fact that we breathe all the time, thus our pleasantness can easily be aroused by the enchantment of aroma.


In my opinion, women are more likely to be familiar with enchanting aroma than men. The things that most women like are flowers, perfumes, and desserts. All of these have a same feature. They have impressive aroma. For flowers, their aroma is created by nature. Not only human, but also many insects are attracted to the different aromas of them. For perfumes, their great aromas mainly come from various kinds of flowers. Anyone who sprays perfume over his or her body tends to be more charming because the aroma acts like the pheromone to influence other people’s feeling. For desserts, while our teeth are biting and our tongue is stirring them, apart from their wonderful tastes, we can enjoy with great aroma of some ingredients.


From these examples, it is clear that the enchantment of aroma found in nature is very important for humans to fulfill our happiness. Sometimes it makes us admire something, sometimes it makes us attractive for someone, and sometimes it makes us enjoy life somehow. So from today, let’s start caring about the aromas around us in order that the fascination of the world will flourish everlastingly.


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