the essential foundation of “Love”

the essential foundation of “Love”

“ LOVE” this one word four letters which has a lot of meaning. All of us fall in love, but how many of us understand the true meaning of love? The meaning of love may not really be explained, it has to be experienced

For me , Love is to cherish , to trust and to accept with each other .When you cherish your love,it’s mean you’re willing to take care of each other. Whenever your partner is worried, what you should do is standing beside him, and soothe until he gets better. I think Cherishing implies that someone or thing is exceptionally  precious and valuable. It’s imply a kind of tenderheartedness and sweetness that you only give it for your special one. Moreover, the essential foundation of love is to trust.In my opinion ,no one needs to be cheated by the partner. If there’s something that makes you doubt your partner, then talk to your partner about it in a calm way.You need to show your partner that you are trustworthy and that you trust them in return. Most importantly, acceptance with each other is a key to make relationship lasts longer. You shouldn’t love someone just because his appearance because the matter is what’s inside. You should look beyond imperfection and accept and love him no matter what.However,you shouldn’t wholly change yourself until it’s  unlike the way you are. All in all,no matter what love is ,It’s always beautiful for everyone’s life.As they said ‘ love makes the ride worthwhile’.


Today i want you guys to listen to this  love song 🙂 it’s so sweet and full of meanings

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