The Face of Chula

The Face of Chula

In the present day, there are many reality shows to find the people who have a dream to become a model or celebrity. Also, Chulalongkorn students have a dream and talent for this career, but the chance for them is not enough. Thus, this is a good time to make their dream come true by holding the competition “The Face of Chula” This event is not only looking for some student to be the part of fashion industry, but also becoming CU representative as CU Ambassador.

  This competition will be required any CU students and non gender-limitation. The competition will broadcast on Youtube. The competitors have to live together until this reality show finishes. Every week the competitors will get the campaign to do and the campaigns contain photo shooting, walking on the runway and showing their talent. For voting, the audiences can also vote them by sending SMS or voting by social network. The winner of this competition will get the tuition fee and become the CU ambassador who has to make a good relation between Chulalongkorn and other universities. Moreover, the winner will become the MC of CU-TU Traditional Football Match to entertain the students on the breachers and make this football match unforgettable. About the fashion, the winner will get the privilege and become the brand ambassador for fashion industry.

  I strongly confirm that this event can interest a lot of CU students.

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