The hidden place at Doi Suthep

The hidden place at Doi Suthep


Last semester in the middle of January, my friends and I had a week off because of Thailand University Sports. We planned to go on a backpack trip to Chiang Mai. Since my friends from high school including my sister are studying at Chiang Mai University, we decided to stay with them and told them to be our guide. They told us that Khuan Chang Kain is a must have place to visit in the winter. Of course, we accepted and went there.

In the early morning of the day off, Ridding motorcycle up to the mountain with a group of friends was awesome. We decided to go to Doi Suthep, one of the tourist attractions. We rode 4 motorcycles along the way to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. We stopped there and climbed up many steps to the top to see beautiful pagoda and view of Chiang Mai city. After that, we moved on to Khuan Chang Kain which is our target for today. It is farther and higher but more beautiful. The road fromWat Phrathat Doi Suthep to Khuan Chang Kain is so narrow I suggest that if you are not good at driving or ridding, you should hire the car to get there. Both side of the road are filling with nature. You can see lots of trees, other mountains or even the small villages down the valley. Moreover, you will feel the cold fresh air running through your nose and pass to your lung, when you breathe in and out. It was so cold that we had to wear sweater, glove, jeans and more cloth to warm our body especially for the rider.

Once we arrived at Khuan Chang Kain , the wild Himalayan cherry or Thailand’s cherry blossom were blooming. You can see this beautiful tree blooming only in January or winter. This is the most beautiful place that I had never seen before. Touching by the cold weather and seeing cherry blossom’s blooming feel like I am in the middle of somewhere that does not exist on earth.


I do want to say that a picture is worth a thousand words. For your next trip, keep Khuan Chang Kain, the hidden place at Doi Suthep, in mind. You will love not only the place but also the way that you have passed along. In Thailand we do have a lot of places that are amazing and beautiful waiting for you to explore. Why don’t you take a chance once in your life time.

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  1. I liked the journey part of your story as much as the final destination. Great descriptive writing, and it’s very cool that you drove a motorbike. I read a book once that compared taking a trip in a car to seeing life through a tv screen. But with the wind in your face and the road just rushing by just inches from your feet, a motorbike lets you feel the travel.

  2. I have a plan visiting Chiang Mai soon. Your journal is very good guideline for me. 😀 I’m not gonna miss the Thailand’s cherry blossom! 😀

  3. Next sport weekend in 2017 I may find some place in Thailand to travel. After reading your article, I think that I haven’t travelled every place in Thailand yet.

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