The importance of family time

The importance of family time

There’s proverb saying that “Time and tide waits for no man.” which means time always run and doesn’t wait for anyone. Most people say that time is like money however I disagree with that. Spending time is not like spending money. Because if we lose our money, we will get it back one day in some ways. But time doesn’t. If we lose our time, it’s gone forever. People like us always spend most of the time with friends, works or lovers. What about our family? For me, having a family time is the most in valuable time-spent.

The more time you use together, the stronger and closer family relationship you will have. Just having dinner, watching movies, hanging out together or sharing your stories can make your family members can make your family bound strength. As your relationship with your family getting closer, your family can stick together and help each other through hard time. However, most people realized how important of family time is when it’s too late. Imagine if one day you will not have your family to spend your time with. How could you feel? I’ve known a man who once said to me that he regretted not spending much time with his family. He said to me after he knew that he had kidney cancer and could have only 6 more months to live. Thus, he decided to spend all of the rest of his life with his family. Fortunately, he could live longer than 6 months but no one can break the rule of the nature of time. Two years later, he, my father, passed away with feeling of regret. From my father’s story, I have learnt that I should spend as much time as I can with my family in order that one day I’ll have no regret of not having great time with them.

We assume that we will have enough time to spend with our family. We also assume that there’s always tomorrow but what if tomorrow will never come? Now that you know why family time is important so how do you spend your time with your family? No matter what your answers are, you should make every moment with your family worth and memorable before it’s too late.

Time always flies. But remember that YOU ARE A PILOT!


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