The Japanese food trend in Thailand – Are there any concerns for the consumers?

The Japanese food trend in Thailand – Are there any concerns for the consumers?

It is hard to deny that the popularity of Japanese food business is increasing rapidly in Thailand nowadays. As you see, there are various Japanese food restaurants in a mass of well-known department stores throughout the country. Each brand tries to improve their marketing strategies to provide interesting promotions for their customers. However, we should remember that the prior target of doing business is to gain the highest income and profits, and keep running their business sustainably and efficiently. Therefore, as a consumer, it is necessary to realize some disadvantages from this kind of business.


One important point we should consider is that some dishes of Japanese food are composed of uncooked ingredients which can cause harm to our health. It is widely known that in raw meats, there are some kinds of parasites. According to a mass of doctors, when the consumers eat a great deal of raw food, they have risks of getting several diseases, such as diarrhea, cholera, hepatitis, and so forth. Consequently, to take care of our health, the consumers had better avoid eating too much raw food, and choose the other cooked dishes instead.


Apart from the parasites in uncooked dishes, the cleanness of procedures is also needed to be realized. Due to a variety of Japanese food dishes, the chefs have to deal with a lot of different ingredients in the kitchen all the time. Because of the complication in rush hours, it is probable that sometimes the chefs cannot be aware of the cleanness of every single ingredient, and thus this can affect the consumers inevitably. In other words, the consumers have a tendency to consume some dirty or contaminated food carelessly.


Another factor that the consumers had better consider is the expense we have to pay. In general, whenever the goods become more popular among the consumers, most vendors always grasp this opportunity to increase the price of their goods and services. As for the Japanese restaurants which are trendy these days, the price of the foods seems to become more expensive. Furthermore, we are usually persuaded by the marketers to buy greater number of their products. If we overlook this important point, it is possible that our savings will not still be in the account any longer.


Thinking of a nice restaurant to eat out for dinner, some of us often choose Japanese restaurants as one of our choices. Since the food is varied and tasty, and it is easy to find the eateries in many famous shopping malls and downtowns around the country, it is not surprising why this kind of business is growing up day after day. Still, the consumers should also think about some downsides of it e.g. the quality, the cleanness, and the value of the goods and services so that we can get the highest benefits from it in terms of both health and mind.


Anyway, what is your favorite kind of food? Is it the Japanese food?


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