The memories

The memories


Memories, what is on your mind when you hear this word?  Your  very first day at the primary school, The boy who makes your heart skip the bests in the high school or the first time you drive a car on the road.

Everyone have the memories of the Past, whether happy or sad. It will be stored in your brain somewhere and can be called out at any time. But the brain can’t remember everything. Only specific event that affect your mind was remembered. Let’s say, everyone has a little boxes that keep all of the important memories inside. Many people may have opened the box, looked inside and smiled happily when they see the beautiful things that lay down quietly in the box. But some people may have opened the box and then smiled with the tears rushing down their face because what is in the box reminded them of something bad or some mistakes, they have made. This is how the memories linked you with the emotions, the feelings, or the thought that happened in the past.

The memories also are the reason for some action that you do in the present day. For example, when I was a kid, I always surrounded by the boys because all of my cousin are boys and we have to play with each other every weekends. We played tags, police and thief, football, or even Arm wrestling. And all of the games that we have played, I always won. I don’t know why either. But this made me feel that man and woman are equal. Woman can do things like a man and we’re not only being the follower; we also can be the leader too. And, another funny story is about my friend. My close-friend is a tough girl but she hates the balloons. The reason that she hates it because when she was a little sweet girl, her sneaky sister always teases her by popped a balloon around her ears. So she gets scared of the balloons since then

See? This is how the memories affected you in the present day. Sometime it affected you in a good way, sometime it’s not. Some memories should remember every detail, but some shouldn’t.  The memories are the precious things that made who you are. You have to choose wisely to keep or throw those memories away.

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