The Naga Footprints

The Naga Footprints

Do you believe that Naga is real?

The word ‘Naga’came from Saskrit and Pali word which Thai people use to represent a snake-like god who guards a whole river to be safe. Some people respect the god a lot because they believe he is real and so powerful. Some said he can transform himself into a human emerging from the water to sacrifice a Buddha image at temple. There is still no tangible proof or evidence of Naga but some of Thai people still have given a respect to the god from time to time.

On Tuesday 9th of September, I scrolled up and down to check my Facebook news as usual but suddenly I have found a very surprising article about Naga Footprints at my university, Chulalongkorn. You will see that people starting to bring garlands to sacrifice the Nagas because they believe it was a Naga footprint. Here are some of pictures from the scene.

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After one day passed, the secret of this story was revealed. Chula gave a statement about the footprints caused by a high pressure cleaner for cleaning a gravel surface. It appeared to be like multi-ring-shape footprints because of the very high pressure of water swashing up a dirty blemish on the ground.


One thing that bothered me the most after I saw this article on the Internet was to see some people believing this kind of news without logical reasons and even trying to abolish all scientific evidences in every way they could. This kind of viewpoint reflects something among Thai society that some people have let their belief blinds them from the truth. It is not wrong to have a faith on something supernatural but opening up your mind to see the perspective of reality is important, too.

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    Hi! Mr.John and my friends 🙂 after you read this article and see if you agree/disagree with my point of view towards the story you can comment and tell me about that. I’m open to talk ^^ thank you

  2. Interesting article for sure. I have to think about this story more before I make up my mind, however.

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