The negative effects of smartphone addiction

The negative effects of smartphone addiction

Nowadays, technological devices like smartphones have become more effective and cheaper, but also more dangerous.  A smartphone makes our life easier. We can watch movies, play games and so on.  But as we can easily enjoy ourselves with our smartphones, people are becoming very addicted to them. The excess of using smartphone leads to two principle problems.

Firstly, using a smartphone for a long time can cause physical problems. While you are looking at the screen for hours, your eyes will be dry. Moreover, bending over your phone makes your neck and shoulder muscles contort in the wrong way and can cause pain.  Another health problem to consider is to use smartphone at night brings about serious diseases. As a blue light emitted from its screen can repress melatonin which helps regulate sleep. The suppression of melatonin may cause insomnia, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

Secondly, obsessive use of smartphone can cause social interaction problems. Smartphone can break down your relationships. Some people are always busy with their phone while doing other activities with their friends or their boy/girlfriend. Furthermore, some people talk more through their smartphone, but in  reality they barely talk to other people. This makes people not to get used to talking with other people in person.

In conclusion, a smartphone has both of advantages and disadvantages. As I mentioned above, smartphone addiction can cause two main problems, which are physical problems and social problems. However, it depends on how we use it. When using a smartphone, you should think carefully whether you are going to use it as a “smart” person or let it drive you into a stupid person.


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  1. Those zombies in the picture need tans!

  2. You are going to use it as a “smart” person or let it drive you into a stupid person.
    I really love this. It’s definitely true.
    I think people in this century is too obsessed by technology, especially for using smartphone.
    Actually, technology is very beneficial, but people use it in negative way.

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