The Places to Hide from Thai tourists in Japan this Winter

The Places to Hide from Thai tourists in Japan this Winter

Winter vacation is calling, it’s time to refresh yourself and say goodbye to loads of such a really tough work which struggling you not to do what you want to do. Now, grab your bag, escape the town for a while and enjoy the moment with your beloved one. I know, Japan is one the most favorite countries for Thais. Unfortunately, Thai tourists attack thick and fast in every inch of Japan, like Chinese tourists in Thailand. To avoid cliché places and visit Japan in different places from where most people visit sounds more interesting. There are two recommended places. Try these out!


The first attractive place to hide from Thai tourists is Onsen (Japanese hot springs). Enjoying a Japanese bath is a unique cultural experience. For Thais, they don’t feel familiar to Onsen because we are told not to bath with anybody else but it is normal for Japanese. Soaking in the mineral water in the bath hub with birthday suit (maybe with the opposite sex) is embarrassing. However, I recommend you to jump out of the comfort zone and try out the Onsen. I guarantee, here is less Thai tourists. Moreover, enjoying the Onsen is also relaxing and good for your health. Imagine, among the cold winter, you are embraced by the warm water running through every inch of your body. It couldn’t be relieved.


Another attractive place in Japan you shouldn’t miss is Mount Fuji. It would be plain if you just take a photo the view of the great beautiful highest mountain in Japan and check in where you are at updating on Facebook. How about climbing? To say hello to Mount Fuji a little bit closer. Make it more adventurous winter trip. Hiking up takes so much time and of course, super exhausted, but imagine when you are on the submit seeing the sun gradually rises while you’re breathing in plentiful fresh air. It would be the great experience you will never ever forget! I highly recommend this place for winter bucket list.

No matter where the places you traveling to, comfort or adventurous, make it to be the best experience with whom you spending the quality time with. Seize the moment and don’t let the stress form work, unexpected situation while travelling, ruin the present. Winter is the special time that everybody releases the overwhelming traveling desire so, take advantage of those cold freezing days and romantic snowfall nights to make the valuable time happen.



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  1. Interesting ideas and great advice, especially the hot bath in a birthday suit! Are “you” open minded enough?

  2. Japan is one of my must-go countries! I enjoyed reading your funny-writing and useful article.

  3. I’m going to Japan this January. It’s will be winter. Thank you for the guide. <3

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