The reasons why I’m in love with Japanese dramas

The reasons why I’m in love with Japanese dramas

I watch many types of movie or drama, but Japanese drama is my favorite one. I love Japanese dramas for many reasons.

First, It gives an inspiration to the audience. The story of Japanese drama is mostly about one person’s life or one person’s occupation such as a doctor, a teacher, a flight attendant or a lawyer. It shows the prominent point in each job so every job has its value. Those things create a positive thinking in people’s mind and make them respect each other no matter what they’re doing for earning money. Moreover, many Japanese dramas focus on working as a team. Those dramas present a story that makes people realize that teamwork can create a miracle story. It’s a key to be successful. Because more people involved, more creating work will be. Another reason is that the attractive and be-loved character. There’s not the most handsome and model-liked actor or the most gorgeous and stunning actress acting in the drama. And People always doubt why someone who looks so ordinary can be the main character in the popular story. In the end People will addict to that dramas and admire those characters because they create the excellent role and make those characters stuck in people’s mind for long time. The story ends with the thinking of how splendid the main character is. I love that thinking because in real life there’s no such a perfect person who is good at everything.Japanese dramas are not only entertaining but also teaching people. It’s not a daydream story but it’s a giving for people’s encouragement and endeavour to be the best person as possible as they can be.

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