The Right to Use University Libraries.

The Right to Use University Libraries.

One interesting thing that I would like to describe for Chulalongkorn University campus community is the rights to use university libraries. Nowadays, some faculties in Chulalongkorn University do not allow students from other faculties to use their libraries. However, if you want to use or enter the libraries, some of them also provide a specific library card for you, but you need to provide your information such as ID card number and name.


From my point of view, this is unfair for some reasons. First, every student pays tuition fees every semester, so every students should have equal rights to access any facilities in the university. Second, even though, Chulalongkorn University provides a website that you can borrow some books from other faculties, without looking at the contents and seeing only book’s cover sometimes the students have no idea which book they should borrow. As a result, some students need to buy the book instead. Lastly, a specific card should be banned. This card is a symbol of inequality among students. The normal student card should be used instead.


In conclusion, we should have the rights to use any libraries for studying and researching freely. We also should have the rights to borrow books freely. Due to limitations, some students have to buy books while other faculties have it. As Chulalongkorn students, we should have the equal rights to enter, use and borrow books from any libraries in the university as we want without a specific library card.

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