The Terminal of My Life

The Terminal of My Life

Life is not always as the way you want it to be. You may get what you want or you may be disappointed. Like “The Terminal” movie, protagonist has a problem in his life, but he just waits for the silver lining and appreciate his life during that time. For this reason, this movie reflects some parts of my life.


“The Terminal” is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg. The main character is Viktor Nagorski who has to wait at the airport for 9 months before being allowed to enter the United States. Due to the politic problem in his country, his visa is not valid for a while, so he cannot obtain entry. Even worse, he cannot go back to his home. The only thing he can do is wait at the airport. He does not feel bad for this situation because he survives there by making every day meaningful. Also, he makes friendship with people there. Actually, he just went to the USA in order to collect the autograph of his dead father’s favorite singer. As you can see, he does this little thing for his father. Finally, he can do this thing for his lovely dad and can go back home happily.


“The Terminal” is a reflection of my life. Whenever I have problems in my life, I do not let them bring me down. Although I may be unhappy or sad, I do not make myself feel this too long. I always smile with every single thing in my life both good and bad things, as I believe that every cloud has a silver lining. Also, I am always ready for doing everything for my lovers like my family.

In brief, I can see some parts of my life linking with this meaningful movie “The Terminal”. Everyone has a problem, but every problem has a solution. You have to wait and make yourself and people around you happy during that difficult time.

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